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Refer a Friend & Be Rewarded!

How this works?

In the 'My Booth' section of every members account, you will notice a link that says 'add referrals'.  Simply, click on this link and it will bring you to a screen where you will be able to provide us with the name(s) and email addresses of any friends you would like to refer to energyflowbyaxiergia.  Go ahead! Start earning extra cash today and leave the rest on us!

How you will be rewarded?

As a registered member of energyflowbyaxiergia, you could receive $ 0 for every friend that you refer to energyflowbyaxiergia.  After you refer a friend to energyflowbyaxiergia, we will e-mail them a link where they can participate in a short survey regarding our services and how it can possibly benefit them, or somebody they know.  This survey is voluntary but, if your friend completes the survey and submits it back to us, you will earn $ 0 per completed survey.  But that's not all.  Your friend will also have the chance to register with energyflowbyaxiergia them self, if this happens; you will earn yourself an additional $ 0.  This means you could easily earn up to $ 0 for every friend you refer to our community.  Members' there are no limits to how many friends you can refer so start taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity today!  Can you imagine sharing your experience at with energyflowbyaxiergia your friends & family? Well, you don't have to image anymore.  Just start here!